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2013 Graduating Residents Honored and Dr. Feldstein Presents Annual Tribute Poster

Dr.Feldstein's 2013 Outgoing Resident Poster
Dr. Feldstein’s 2013 Outgoing Resident Poster
(left to right) Dr. Neil Feldstein, Dr. Marc Otten, Dr. Elizabeth Fontana, & Dr. Simon Hanft

How quickly another year has passed; we are once again celebrating our Chief Residents at the end of their long journey to becoming full-fledged neurosurgeons.

Dr. Elizabeth Fontana, Dr. Simon Hanft, and Dr. Marc Otten were recently toasted by the Department of Neurosurgery at their annual end-of-year resident dinner. All three of our graduates are moving on to specialty fellowships across the United States: Dr. Fontana, at the Swedish Institute of Neuroscience in Seattle, Washington; Dr. Hanft, at the University of Miami in Florida; and Dr. Otten, at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As he does every year at this event, Dr. Neil Feldstein from the Pediatric Neurosurgery Center unveiled his outgoing resident homage poster. This year he had a little help from his colleague Dr. Richard Anderson in developing the concept.

The 2013 poster is titled Steinfeld, a play on the TV show Seinfeld with Dr. Feldstein’s name in reverse, and features Dr. Feldstein with the three residents as the iconic TV show characters. The actual poster (seen above with wording blurred) had quotations from the show that applied to the residents, but copyright issues wouldn’t allow us to publish them on our website.

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