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Winfree and Farrow on ‘A Gifted Man’ Tonight

Dr. Christopher Winfree

About a month ago, we posted that Department Neurosurgeon Dr.Christopher Winfree and Nurse Practitioner Maria Farrow were taking part in CBS’s new show, A Gifted Man. We also mentioned they would be in a scene together in an upcoming episode and–that show airs tonight!

To recap: the show is about an unhappy, yet successful surgeon in New York City who’s life is turned around when he is unexpectedly visited by the ghost of his ex-wife.

Ms. Farrow and Dr. Winfree play surgeons #1 and #2 in a scene together and they each have small speaking parts, too!

Nurse Practitioner Maria Farrow

Ms. Farrow says, “Being a consultant for this intelligent TV series gives our department the opportunity to educate the public about what our field is, and what it can do. I am very proud that the production of ‘A Gifted Man’ works so diligently to help make the medical and neurosurgical aspects authentic.  The show educates while it entertains!”

Dr. Winfree added, “It was a fascinating experience working with a group of skilled actors, directors and producers who were practicing their craft as true professionals.  Acting is a lot harder than it seems!  I was impressed with the complexity of the production and all the hard work and talent it takes to put this show together.”

Don’t forget to watch Farrow and Winfree Tonight (Friday, Jan 6) on A Gifted Man at 8PM on CBS. 

You can watch older episodes of the show at .

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