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Hear from our patients

Aydin Cumatzil-Tun

Aydin’s case certainly required Dr. Anderson’s surgical expertise. It was a complex and delicate surgery that lasted more than six hours. By the end, Aydin’s encephalocele had been completely repaired. And Dr. Anderson wasn’t done—it was time for his expertise in caring for families. “Dr. Anderson came out after all those hours in the operating room, and he was smiling,” remembers Jackie. “He patiently gave us a very detailed update. He was just wonderful.”

Josephine Pucci

Dr. Sisti was very calming. He helped me stay in the present, not to worry about hockey, just focus on getting better. He kept me in the now.

Kevin Chambers

My parents and my girlfriend and my sister and her boyfriend were all around me, and I was reaching out to them and I just couldn’t believe it … It was incredible relief, and the fact that Dr. Solomon had saved my life by taking this out … it was amazing.

Millie Scales

I read that [Dr. Kaiser] only does surgery as a last resort. He’ll do anything else first that might work. After I sent him an email, he actually emailed me back and asked for my phone number. He himself personally, called me, and that blew my mind.

patient journey

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