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Dr. Michael Sisti: Neurosurgeon and Proud Papa

Dr. Sisti's Daughter Ariana Graduates
Dr. Michael Sisti with his daughter Ariana and his wife Elena at Barnard on Graduation Day

Ariana Sisti, the daughter of Dr. Michael Sisti from the Brain Tumor Center, graduated from Columbia University’s Barnard College last week and her dad couldn’t be more proud.

Ariana completed a dual major in Spanish/Latin American Cultures and Statistics. For the last five months, she has been studying and interning for the website team at Reddit who has asked her to stay on, but she is perusing her career options in marketing, statistics and social media.

Dr. Sisti says, “She follows in her mother Elena’s “heels.” Elena graduated from Barnard in 1977 with a dual major in economics and sociology.”

Dr. Michael Sisti & Family
Dr. Michael Sisti (right) with his wife and three children

Ariana has also rounded out the “Sisti tradition” of graduating from Columbia. Ariana’s brothers Alexander and Jonathan are also graduates of Columbia University and their proud father, Dr. Michael Sisti, is a 1981 graduate of Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Congratulations Ariana!

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