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Dr. Hani Malone Won the 2014 Academy Award of the American Academy of Neurological Surgery!

Malone Academy AwardEach year the prestigious Academy Award is given to the neurosurgery resident or young neurosurgeon whose original research offers the best insight into a problem confronting neuroscience. This year, Columbia neurosurgery resident, Dr. Hani Malone received this highly competitive award for novel research into glioma heterogeneity, conducted under the mentorship of Dr. Jeffrey Bruce, director of the Brain Tumor Center.

Dr. Malone explains, “… because the diffuse and infiltrative nature of glioblastoma, we can not safely remove all tumor cells with surgery alone. Unfortunately, we know very little about the tumor cells that are typically left behind after surgery, which drive recurrence and disease progression. This research gives us new information about the tumor cells that can’t be removed with surgery and will help us design novel therapies that specifically target these residual cells.”

Dr. Malone gives academy award speechDr. Malone recently presented this award-winning research at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurological Surgery in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Congratulations Dr. Malone!

Learn more about neurosurgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Bruce on his bio page here.

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