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Peripheral Nerve Cancer Center

At the Peripheral Nerve Cancer Center, we study and treat rare malignancies that involve peripheral nerves, including tumors arise from the peripheral nerves, Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors (MPNST); and metastatic cancer that has spread to the peripheral nerves from other locations.

The research, diagnosis and treatment of peripheral nerve cancers can be quite complex, and requires the cooperation of physicians within several different specialties.  Peripheral nerve cancer research and treatments can involve complex surgical procedures involving several surgeons working together.  This team-oriented approach represents the safest and most effective way to treat and find the best possible outcomes from these complex malignancies.  Nonoperative therapies can include radiation therapy and chemotherapy.   Neurosurgeons, Surgical Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Orthopedic Oncologists, Vascular Surgeons, Radiologists, and Pathologists are all integral members of our Peripheral Nerve Cancer team.

The goals of our research and treatment are to cure the cancer whenever possible, to enhance quality of life, prolong survival, and employ palliative care when necessary.

Peripheral Nerve Cancer Center Research Laboratories

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