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Endovascular Center

We are a specialized group of clinical and academic surgeons and radiologists who conduct research in improving endovascular treatment techniques.

Endovascular surgical neuroradiology, also known as endovascular neurosurgery, has undergone rapid evolution since it first emerged as a specialty. Minimally invasive techniques, developed by radiologists and neurosurgeons, are used to treat patients for whom conventional surgical techniques are not successful or for patients in need of treatment when no good conventional surgical options exist.

Endovascular specialists use x-ray fluoroscopy, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), and even magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to guide their way through the body and visualize operative procedures without making a conventional skin incision. The tools used to perform these procedures (for example, microcatheters measuring less than one millimeter in diameter) have improved dramatically in the last decade. There are very few places in the body that cannot be investigated using such tools, and technological advances continue to expand the reach of endovascular techniques. As a result, the spectrum of neurological disease amenable to endovascular treatment—and in many cases endovascular cures—increases steadily.

Our team consists of surgeons and radiologists with specialized expertise in endovascular treatment in the context of a professional academic environment where research into new techniques is ongoing.

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