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Brain Tumor Center

The Brain Tumor Center’s multidisciplinary team of neuro-oncologists and neurosurgeons has expertise in researching, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of conditions, allowing patients and other doctors to benefit  from their extensive scientific knowledge.

A tremendous amount of study is performed in the Brain Tumor Center with 2 working laboratories researching a wide variety of adult and pediatric conditions, including gliomas, acoustic neuromas/schwannomas, meningiomas, colloid cysts, pituitary tumors, pineal tumors, skull base tumors, and pediatric tumors.  Patients benefit from ongoing research in the labs that investigate the effectiveness of innovative treatments.

Some of our many past areas of research that have significantly improved outcomes include:

  • Minimally invasive treatment approaches that typically reduce risk in brain tumor surgery.
  • Advanced techniques such as stereotaxis, neuroendoscopy, awake brain mapping, and electrophysiological mapping that can maximize tumor removal while minimizing risk.
  • Novel treatment approaches developed in a nationally acclaimed neuro-oncology research program.

The broad spectrum of specialized expertise found in the Brain Tumor Center means that patients benefit from state-of-the-art of scientific knowledge about their particular conditions.

The Columbia Brain Tumor Center is co-directed by Dr. Jeffrey Bruce of Neurological Surgery and Dr. Andrew B. Lassman, Chief of Neuro-oncology at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Director of Columbia Neurology’s Neuro-oncology Division.

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