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View From New York Presbyterian: A Thank-You to Dr. Sisti

Vishal Vyas had a brain tumor removed in January this year. In gratitude, he sent his surgeon Dr. Michael Sisti from the Brain Tumor Center a note with a drawing he did from his hospital bed here at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

When asked about Dr. Sisti, Vishal says, “I feel a sense of comfort when I am with him. I knew from the first day I met him that I wanted him to be the one to take care of me. He is really awesome.”

Less than two months out of surgery, Vishal says he feels wonderful. He is slowly increasing his activity and is looking forward to getting back to his normal activities like going to the gym and playing sports.

Patient Vishal Vyas

In the meantime, he has applied to graduate school with the hope of becoming a dentist.

patient journey

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