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Rare Tumor Almost Derails Wedding: Dr. McCormick’s Patient, Craig

Two days before his wedding, Craig Livoti found himself sitting with his fiancée in the office of Dr. Paul McCormick, Director of The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York.

If you had asked Craig two weeks earlier, he would have said there was no way he would need to meet with a spine surgeon. But those two weeks had turned everything upside down. Doctors had discovered that Craig had a rare tumor called a dumbbell tumor growing near his spine. Removing it would require a complicated surgery, and none of the surgeons he met had experience with the operation.

That’s why the meeting with Dr. McCormick filled Craig and his fiancée with relief. Dr. McCormick is an expert in removing dumbbell tumors. He treats them a couple of times a year and even teaches other surgeons how to remove them. “We just started crying,” says Craig. “It was the first non-scary meeting we had had. He made us feel so much better… and he was the first person in a couple weeks to make me feel that everything was going to be okay.”

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