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Patient Writes to Dr. Lavine in Response to Blog; Get This Thing Out of my Head!

Donna’s grandson Liam. Photo courtesy of Donna Ainsworth.

A few weeks ago, we wrote the story of Donna Ainsworth (Get This Thing Out of my Head!). Donna narrowly escaped a fatal aneurysm with the help of Dr. Sean Lavine from the Endovascular Center.  Donna was so moved by our posting that she wrote this lovely letter to Dr. Lavine.

Dear Dr. Lavine,

So many times I thought of picking up the phone and saying hi or sending you an email but hesitated knowing you are in such high demand. Your ears must ring constantly because if I’m not praising you, I am praying for you and the special gift you were given and bless you for the life you gave me back.

On June 18, 2010, Billy and I became grandparents to a beautiful baby boy named Liam Patrick Ainsworth [almost one year exactly from the date of Donna’s surgery] and, because of you, I was able to become one of the lucky ones to be given the privilege of becoming a grandparent. He’s a real cutie pie and, of course, the apple of my eye.

The article on the website about my surgery was nothing short of amazing. Actually, after reading it, I was quite taken back and almost numb. That was a lot to absorb and it hit me hard. WOW, what an experience!!

I hope I get a chance to see you if even for a moment to give you a big hug and to say hi. You are my special angel and will always be.

Donna L. Ainsworth

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