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Mom Grateful to Two Spine Surgeons: Hers, and Her Baby’s

Marilis Byrnes had a lot to contend with. She was 28 weeks pregnant—which can be enough for anybody. Due to a developmental condition with the fetus, her pregnancy was considered high-risk, and her baby would need spine surgery after he was born. And then Marilis started experiencing some alarming symptoms herself.

Her doctors checked her into the hospital, and testing revealed news that shocked Marilis and her family: For reasons unrelated to the baby, Marilis was going to need spine surgery too. Right away. At 28 weeks into a high-risk pregnancy.

Looking back on that time, Marilis is grateful for many things: That her husband and her parents were there in the hospital with her, for one. And that her neurosurgeon was Dr. Christopher Mandigo and her son’s neurosurgeon was Dr. Richard Anderson.

Dr. Mandigo and Dr. Anderson were able to perform the spine surgeries that put Marilis and her baby back on track. But that’s not all the doctors provided—they also gave the family a large dose of caring and kindness that made all the difference during that trying time.

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