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A Lovely Letter of Gratitude to Columbia Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Sisti


Dr.Michael Sisti with Patient Jean
Dr. Michael Sisti with Patient Jean Krystalla

That happy woman in the photo at left is Jean Krystalla. Not too long ago you would not have seen such a bright smile on her face, as she suffered from a severe facial pain syndrome: trigeminal neuralgia.

Trigeminal neuralgia is characterized by mild to severe pain on one side of the head and face. The pain is often described as “stabbing,” or “electrical shock-like” in nature. Episodes are typically brief, lasting a second or two, but can be quite debilitating (learn about the cause and treatment of trigeminal neuralgia here).

Today Jean is pain free and celebrating life again after receiving treatment from Columbia Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Sisti.

Relief of such suffering also brings tremendous relief to the family. Jean’s daughter, Helen Ruvo, recently sent a touching letter of gratitude to Dr. Sisti for the care her mother received.  In the letter, Helen paints a beautiful portrait of this kind doctor and his assistant Mary.

Please enjoy this lovely letter:

Dr.Michael Sisti with Patient Jean and her mother

Dr.Michael Sisti with Patient Jean and her daughter
Dr.Michael Sisti with Patient Jean and her daugheter Helen

You can view the items mentioned in Helen’s letter here:
Patient stories:Waiting For Michael &
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Videos: Watch the videos mentioned in the letter by visiting Dr. Sisti’s webpage here.

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