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Dr. Michael Sisti & Patient on ABC7’s ‘Medical Marvels’

Dr. Michael Sisti and patient on ABC7 show Medical Marvels

Long time neurosurgeons like Dr. Michael Sisti from the Brain Tumor Center, are not surprised easily. He deals with extraordinary abnormalities of the brain and spine every day, but even he is amazed by his patient Manuel Greco.

Manuel has a very rare genetic condition called Von Hippel–Lindau (VHL) disease that predisposes him to chronic brain tumor growth and a resultant short lifespan. He has beaten all the odds, though, and his remarkable story is featured on the ABC7 web-series Medical Marvels today, Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

Manuel first came to the Department of Neurosurgery at Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital more than twenty years ago where he was treated by the head of the department at that time, Dr. Ben Stein.

Just 17 years-old at the time, Manuel was only expected to live a few years, but he surprised everyone and kept on surviving. Several years later, when Dr. Stein retired, Dr. Michael Sisti took over Manuel’s care, and he has been looking after him ever since. Now, after more than a dozen surgical procedures and exceptional care, Manuel just celebrated his 40th birthday.

Read the remarkable story of this patient and his stalwart neurosurgeon, Dr. Sisti on the ABC Channel 7 web-series Medical Marvels. You can find it here.

Learn more about Dr. Michael Sisti on his bio page here.

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