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Dr. Michael Kaiser’s Patient Up and Running

Dr.Kaiser's Patient Kurt

We are always glad to hear from our patients, and lucky for us, many of them do keep in touch months and even years after we have last seen them. Dr. Michael Kaiser from the Spine Center recently got a wonderful update from his patient, Kurt Kruegel.

Kurt, who had neck surgery in September 2009, sent a note and a couple of photos to let Dr. Kaiser know he had just run a half marathon!

In the note to Dr. Kaiser he said, “I remember telling you one of my goals was to run. I just wanted to let you know I ran the NJ half marathon last Sunday with a time of 2:08:59. I also ran the NY Giants Run of Champions 5k with a time of 26:25. Going to run 18 miles … in the fall and may train for a full marathon in the fall or next spring.”

Dr.Kaiser's Patient Kurt

Kurt says he has also run a bunch of smaller races (too many to list) including the Harvey Cedars Dog Day 5 mile run, which he completed in 49 minutes.

Kurt has come a long way. He says, “I was not able to raise my right arm before surgery, and my neck felt like it was in a vise 24 hours a day.” He took up running after his surgery and now he says, “I also coach my children in soccer and I am a NJ high school referee. I also currently play on an adult soccer team.”

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Yesterday, October 13, 2013, Kurt completed the 41st annual Long Beach Island 18 mile run in three hours and nine minutes.

Congratulations Kurt and thank you for sharing your fantastic news!

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