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Davarn Wright’s Remarkable Story of Spinal Stenosis Recovery

When Davarn Wright tells people about the stenosis that compressed his spinal cord, he uses this analogy: “It’s like if you’re drinking through a straw,” he says, and you give the straw a pinch—less liquid can come through.

Davarn didn’t have just one pinch. He had many, extending over a large portion of his spine. By the time he met with spinal neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Kaiser, Associate Director of The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York, those pinches were so severe they had shut off almost all communication between Davarn’s brain and the lower half of his body.

Finding Dr. Kaiser took grit, determination and time. Along the way, Davarn reached some of the lowest points in his life. Even so, he kept going, both physically and mentally. His network of family and friends, for whom Davarn had cared for so long, provided invaluable support and assistance. And once Davarn and Dr. Kaiser met, things began to turn around.

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Learn more about Dr. Kaiser at his bio page here.

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