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Dr. McKhann’s Patient Featured in NY Daily News

Schematic representation of an implanted Ommaya reservoir (NOT a depiction of Mr. Ranieri’s placement specifically).

Dr. Guy McKhann’s patient, Ed Ranieri, 62, just sent us great news: he is featured in a story published last week by the New York Daily News.

Now cancer free, the retired transit officer from Staten Island was successfully treated for a brain tumor at New York Presbyterian Hospital. His treatment was unique and involved both targeted radiation and chemotherapy delivered via an Ommaya reservoir (see image at left).

Dr. McKhann surgically implanted the reservoir at the request of Mr. Ranieri’s oncology team. He and fellow neurosurgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Bruce from the Brain Tumor Center are often called in for multidisciplinary cases like this.

The Ommaya reservoir, placed under the skin, is attached to a tube that goes into the center of the brain. Chemotherapy drugs can then be injected into the reservoir and delivered deep into the cerebrospinal fluid of the brain.

Mr. Ranieri tells the story of his remarkable treatment and recovery in an article titled Retired Staten Island cop cancer-free after clinical trial at NewYork-Presbyterian. You can read the full article, published on August 27, 2014, in the NY Daily News here.

We learned about the news story when Mr. Ranieri sent a copy to the Department of Neurosurgery. He told us that, though his praise of Dr. McKhann didn’t make it into the article, he wanted everyone to know how pleased he was with his work.

Dr. Guy McKhann.

Dr. Guy McKhann is the Florence Irving Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital. He treats patients with a variety of brain conditions including Brain TumorsEpilepsyMovement DisordersAdult HydrocephalusChiari MalformationsCavernous MalformationsTrigeminal Neuralgia, and Neurotrauma. Learn more about Dr. McKhann on his bio page here.

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