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Worried about a Stroke? It Might be Time to Move to New York

Dr. Sean Lavine comments on lower stroke mortality in New York
Dr. Sean Lavine

Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death and the leading cause of disability in the United States, but according to a new report, residents of New York have a better chance at survival.

Data backing up this claim was presented last month at a meeting of the New York State Department of Health’s Public Health and Health Planning Council.

State officials said that the death rate at stroke centers in the New York City area was 9.3%, compared with 10.4% at other hospitals.

“This is in large part due to a commitment from the State of New York and its dedicated physicians and hospital staff to develop stroke centers at selected hospitals that can provide a coordinated system of care,” says Dr. Sean Lavine from the Cerebrovascular Center.

“New York Presbyterian Medical Center has a designated Stroke Center that is committed to providing the quickest and most effective treatments available. We have all of the people and tools necessary to provide the best outcome from this devastating disease.

Patients need to know that minimizing the time to treatment for stroke is key to improving their chances to have an excellent outcome, and that they should come to a designated stroke center such as ours staffed with physicians from the Columbia Neurosurgery Endovascular Center at the first sign of stroke symptoms.”

Symptoms of a stroke can include weakness on one side of the body, difficulty speaking, drooping on one side of the face, and difficulty walking. Learn more about stroke here.

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