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Watch Dr. Christopher Winfree on an Episode of ‘The Cure’

Winfree&PatientDr. Christopher Winfree, from the Pain Center, is featured on an episode of The Cure, a medical show created by the Al Jazeera Network. The episode is called Pain Killer (watch it here) and features Dr. Winfree at Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital as he meets with and performs a remarkable pain relieving procedure on Christopher Francis, a former firefighter who suffered for years with debilitating leg pain.

The treatment Dr. Winfree performs is called neuromodulation and involves implanting an electrical stimulator directly into the back of the patient’s leg. This stimulator provides low-level electrical current to nerves responsible for the pain in Mr. Francis’ leg. The stimulation over-rides the pain signal to the brain and replaces it with a light sensation of vibration. This, in effect, tricks the brain out of feeling the painful sensation.

Benefits of the procedure include, “less pain, less anesthesia, and less operative time,” says Dr. Winfree. “It’s cost effective, less hassle for the patient, and less recovery time for the patient. This technology allows us to do all of that.”

During the episode, Dr. Winfree performs a trial of the procedure on Mr. Francis and it gives him relief he hasn’t known in years. A couple of weeks later, Dr. Winfree implanted a permanent device.

To get the whole story, watch Dr. Winfree on ‘The Cure’ here.

Learn more about Dr. Christopher Winfree on his bio page here.

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