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Former Neurosurgery Head, Ben Stein Returns for Columbia Grand Rounds

Former Chairman, Dr. Ben Stein returns to Columbia’s Department of Neurosurgery for Grand Rounds. In bottom most photo, Dr. Stein (Center in black suit) with department attendings including current Chairman Dr. Robert Solomon to his right and Dr. Donald Quest to his left.

Dr. Bennett M. Stein, former Head of Columbia’s Neurosurgery Department returned recently to give a special lecture at Grand Rounds.

Dr. Stein was the Chairman of the Department before Dr. Robert Solomon. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Stein is responsible for the unique sub-specialization of the department as well as having trained and hand picked many of the neurosurgeons working here today. According to Dr. Donald Quest from the Spine Center, “He had an encyclopedic knowledge of brain anatomy. Dr. Stein was an innovative and bold surgeon, and an outstanding motivator and role model for residents and medical students.”

Now in his 80s, Dr. Stein gave a rousing lecture titled, How Mentors and Fate Shaped My Career. He also recommended the bookThe Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Dr. Stein’s talk stimulated a fun Q&A session, followed by laughter and more than a few jaunts down memory lane.

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