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Victory Through Drenched Fairways for Autism Speaks

From left: John Collins, Dr. Lavine, Dr. Anderson

Our own John Collins* tells us about the recent 12th Annual Autism Speaks Celebrity Golf Challenge:

OK…Let me begin…it was one of those sultry, oppressive, dog days of summer. There was doubt in them there skies my friends, one of anger and, dare I say, mischief…old mother nature was readying herself to throw a number of curve balls at these crusaders for hope!

The boys of summer had returned on their annual mission to continue their fight to stamp out that cruelest of diseases…Autism…. The rains could not dampen the spirits of these Soldiers for a cure…shot by shot, hole by hole, one by one, the Columbia troupe knocked down the barriers to par at this holiest of sites…Winged Foot!

With a cause comes determination and through gritted teeth Dr. Sean Lavine led the pack with drive after drive dissecting the fairways with the precision of a Neurosurgeon saving lives in the theatre.

Dr. Richard Anderson was soon to step up to the plate with the Drive of the Day topping 310 yards off the tee, setting up for yet another assault on the hallowed ground that is the East Course.

At end of day, through the driving rain and water drenched fairways the victory had been achieved and the boys of Columbia Neurosurgery were happy in the knowledge that they had once again made a difference in the continuing battle against Autism.

The event earned $886,000 this year and a number of celebrities came out for the cause.  To learn more, see The Autism Speaks Official Blog as well as The Official Photo-stream from this years’ event.

* John Collins oversees finance and operations here at the Department of Neurosurgery and has been doing so since 1997. Also, he is Irish and loves soccer… ahem, football.

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