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Lab Residents Teach Surgical Skills to Med Students

medical student surgical skills course
Fifth year resident Dr. Christopher Kellner (center with gray shirt) instructing medical students on surgical techniques.

Here at Columbia the neurosurgical residents, already full fledged MDs, play two very important roles; they are both students and teachers. They are learning and refining their neurosurgical practice with the help of the experienced neurosurgeons and neuro-radiologists in the department. As they progress through their seven years of residency, they in turn help newer residents as well as medical students with an interest in neurosurgery.

Dr. Christopher Kellner [fifth year resident] and I, along with the other residents, have made medical student education a priority during this year,” says second year resident Dr. Jonathan Yun. 

In that light, Dr. Yun and Dr. Kellner have been holding weekly case conferences for medical students. On March 21st they also held a surgical skills course for them at Dr. Kellner’s apartment.

The goal of this basic surgical skills session,” says Dr. Yun is to give the students the best chance to shine during their neurosurgery sub-internships and to foster a culture of teaching that they can continue as future residents. We reviewed the proper technique for the manipulation and suturing of dura and galea for students who are about to begin their 4th year neurosurgery sub-internships in a few months. We also had a review session for general neurosurgery knowledge.

We are so proud of the comradery and genuine commitment to the advancement of neurosurgical practice among our residents. Good job Dr. Yun and Dr. Kellner!
medical student surgical skills course2

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