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Spine Center Well Represented at CNS 2010

Dr. Paul McCormick

Director, Dr. Paul McCormick, joined his fellow Spine Center surgeons, Dr. Peter Angevine and Dr. Michael Kaiser as presenters this year at the Annual Meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS).

Dr. McCormick was director of a Practical Course entitled Spine Update: A Critical Assessment of Peer- Reviewed Spine Literature for the Practicing Neurosurgeon.  Joining him in this course, as a presenter, was Dr. Angevine.

Dr. Peter Angevine

Dr. Angevine was one of the speakers for another course on the latest in Spinal Deformity Surgery, as well as for a Special Course on Spinal Fusion.  He also spoke at a Luncheon Seminar on the treatment of the Aging Spine and he took part in a Consensus Session on the use of Bone Morphogenic Protein, in which he specifically spoke about its cost effectiveness.

Dr. Kaiser was also very active at the conference. He co-directed a Practical Course entitled Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy and Radiculopathy: Treatment Approaches and Options. Then, he presented at a course on New Clinical Practice Guidelines for treatment of the Degenerative Cervical Spine.  Lastly, he spoke at two different Luncheon Seminars; one on Pseudoarthrosis of the Cervical and Lumbar Spine and another entitled Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy and OPLL: Guidelines for Surgical Management.

Whew, those guys were busy!

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Dr. Michael Kaiser

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