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Residents Learn Operative Approaches from Dr. Otten and Dr. Bruce

Image for Bruce and Otten teach operative approaches to the base of the skull.This fall, the neurosurgery residents were treated to an operative approaches laboratory course here at Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Second year neurosurgery resident Brian Gill organized the class, which was taught by neurosurgeons Dr. Marc Otten and Dr. Jeffrey Bruce. The class was attended not only by residents, but by medical students doing their rotation through the neurosurgery department.

The course focused on operative approaches to the base of the skull using cadavers. Topics covered included the removal of bone for access to the brain, avoidance of brain retraction, and reconstruction at the end of surgery.

The doctors who taught this course really know their way around the base of the skull! Dr. Bruce, a leading authority on the subject, is both the Director of Skull Base Surgery and Co-Director of the Brain Tumor Center here at Columbia University Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. Bruce is also the Program Director of Columbia’s residency program, which of course makes education of the residents of special importance to him.

“I am responsible for making sure that all of our residents are trained well enough to go out in the world and be neurosurgeons,” he says, adding that he loves teaching because “it forces you to be on the cutting edge, to always be on the forefront of what is happening in your field.”

Dr. Otten joined the neurosurgery team here at Columbia last year, after completing his seven-year residency with us. He also completed a fellowship at the Minimally Invasive Cranial Base Surgery Center at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, and skull base tumors are one of his specialties.

Learn more about Dr. Marc Otten at his bio page here.

Learn more about Dr. Jeffrey Bruce at his bio page here.

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