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Dr. Hani Malone Presents Intracranial Surgery Research at CNS Conference

Dr. Hani MaloneThis fall, several Columbia neurosurgeons and residents took part in the annual conference of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. Some of them presented research and spoke about new findings in the field.

Senior resident Dr. Hani Malone presented research on patient outcomes after intracranial (inside the skull) tumor surgery.

The research suggests that mortality after intracranial surgery is higher in patients who have their procedures at smaller hospitals.

“Most of the survival benefit was due to something called failure to rescue,” says Dr. Malone. “When patients have complications after neurosurgery, smaller hospitals may not be as equipped to handle them. This leads to a higher rate of failure to rescue patients from those complications.”

In other words, if you need brain tumor surgery, you are better off having it done at a larger medical center like Columbia University Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Neurosurgeons at the Brain Tumor Center, like Dr. Malone’s mentor Dr. Jeffrey Bruce, Dr. Michael Sisti, and Dr. Guy McKhann, specialize in these procedures and perform brain tumor surgery on more than 400 patients every year. This makes it one of the busiest brain tumor centers in the United States and an excellent place to research patient outcomes.Malone

Residents like Dr. Malone have the opportunity to conduct exciting research at Columbia, thanks to the strong mentorship available from faculty neurosurgeons. Meetings like the CNS conference are a great way to share research findings with the neurosurgery community and enhance the residents’ learning experience.

To learn more about the strong neurosurgery mentorship at Columbia, read The Future Begins in the Present: Building Strong Neurosurgeons.

Learn more about the neurosurgeons at The Brain Tumor Center on their pages:

Dr. Jeffrey Bruce

Dr. Michael Sisti

Dr. Guy McKhann

The Brain Tumor Center

Learn more about Dr. Hani Malone on his bio page here.

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