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Resident Dr. Jonathan Yun Profiled in Alumni Mag

Dr. Jonathan YunGreat news from Fourth-year resident Dr. Jonathan Yun. He has been featured in the latest issue of his medical school’s magazine.

The publication, Robert Wood Johnson Medicine, features an article about some of the school’s recent graduates. The article traces Dr. Yun’s interest in neurosurgery and his path to the residency training program at Columbia’s Department of Neurosurgery.

As the article explains, Dr. Yun had always been interested in the brain. After his first year of medical school, he did a summer internship at the Bartoli Lab in Columbia’s Neurosurgery Department. His mentor for that internship was Dr. Jeffrey Bruce.

Dr. Bruce also happens to be director of the Neurological Surgery Residency Program. As such, he has an eye for the qualities Columbia Neurosurgery values in residents–qualities like skill, compassion, and leadership. As he got to know Dr. Yun, he saw those qualities in abundance.

Dr. Yun’s summer internship in Dr. Bruce’s lab grew into a year-long, grant-funded position. It was an important year for Dr. Yun. He learned more about being a neurosurgeon and researcher, and also formed relationships with mentors like Dr. Bruce–mentors who would influence the direction of his career.

Now about halfway through his residency program, Dr. Yun is becoming responsible for mentoring younger residents and medical students.

Learn more about Dr. Jonathan Yun on his resident’s page here.

Read more about Dr. Jeffrey Bruce on his bio page here.

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