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President-Elect Dr. Philip Meyers Returns from SNIS Meeting

Dr. Philip Meyers from our Cerebrovascular Center and Endovascular Center has just returned from San Diego where he lectured at the 9th Annual Meeting and 3rd Annual Fellows Course of the Society of Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS).

SNIS is a multi-disciplinary society of neurosurgeons, radiologists and neurologists who perform neuro-endovascular procedures (to learn more about the exciting work these people do, check out our previous blog, Endovascular Neuroradiology; The New Frontier). 

Previously SNIS Treasurer, this year Dr. Meyers became Vice President and is now in line to become the society’s president in 2013.

“The meeting was great with terrific attendance and lectures,” says Dr. Meyers. “I moderated a session with lectures by representatives from the FDA and NIH. I also gave a lecture on the treatment of brain arteriovenous malformations at the Fellows Course. This course had record attendance!”

Welcome back, Dr. Meyers!

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