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Pre-Existing High Blood Pressure Increases Severity of Aneurysm Bleeding

Dr. E. Sander Connolly

Dr. Sander Connolly, from the Cerebrovascular Center, is co-author* of a paper just published on how a diagnosis of pre-existing high blood pressure effects bleeding in the brain after a patient suffers a ruptured aneurysm.

The paper, Impact of premorbid hypertension on haemorrhage severity and aneurysm rebleeding risk after subarachnoid haemorrhage, is published in the January 2014 issue of the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.

The authors looked at 1312 consecutive patients treated for bleeding on the brain caused by a ruptured aneurysm. Half of the patients had been diagnosed with premorbid hypertension (HTN), that is high blood pressure that existed prior to the aneurysm rupture, and half had not. The authors concluded, “Premorbid HTN is associated with increased severity of the initial bleeding event and represents a significant risk factor for aneurysm re-bleeding. Given that aneurysm rebleeding is a potentially fatal-but preventable-complication, these findings are of clinical relevance.”

Learn more about this research online here or in J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2014 Jan;85(1):56-9.

To learn more about Dr. Sander Connolly, see his bio page here.

*Co-authors of this paper include: De Marchis GM, Lantigua H, Schmidt JM, Lord AS, Velander AJ, Fernandez A, Falo MC, Agarwal S, Connolly ES Jr, Claassen J, Mayer SA.

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