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Spotlight on Dr. Jeffrey Bruce by Pituitary Network Association

r.Jeffrey BruceThe Pituitary Network Association (PNA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people with pituitary tumors (a type of brain tumor), their families and the medical professionals who take care of them.

In a recent issue of their eNewsletter, The Pituitary Network Association Highlights, they have included a special PNA Spotlight piece on Dr. Jeffrey N. Bruce.

Dr. Bruce is Edgar M. Housepian Professor of Neurological Surgery here at Columbia University Medical Center, Director of the Bartoli Brain Tumor Research Laboratory and Co-Director of Columbia’s Brain Tumor Center.  He is also a professional member of the PNA.

The PNA spotlight includes a set of question and answers with Dr. Bruce and a discussion of his work and his insights into the future of pituitary tumor treatment.  In the article, Dr. Bruce is quoted:

Despite all of the advances in the treatment, the timely diagnosis of pituitary tumors is still an area for improvement.  The symptoms of pituitary tumors deserve more awareness among both patients and physicians.  Unfortunately many of the symptoms of pituitary disease such as tiredness and weight gain are common to a degree among most adults and therefore they are ignored as indicators of possible disease. 


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