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Ped Neurosurgeons Come Back with Control

Pediatric Neurological Surgery Center doctors Neil Feldstein, MD, Director, and Richard Anderson, MD, came back from a recent conference with potentially exciting news for some of our pediatric patients. There may be a new way to help people whose nerve damage has cost them control over their bladders.

People with spinal cord injury and spina bifida suffer urinary dysfunction that can cause not just inconvenience, but danger. They must use a catheter to urinate and are at risk for multiple urinary tract infections, even lasting kidney damage. At the First International Symposium on Bladder Neuro-restoration and Nerve Rerouting, our doctors learned about new surgeries to help restore bladder control.

One of the newest methods highlighted at the symposium, which was sponsored by Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI, is called nerve rerouting. Surgeons switch around nerves within the spinal cord, ultimately improving urinary function. Doctors Feldstein and Anderson are investigating whether our pediatric spina bifida patients could benefit from this procedure.Pe

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