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Patient Video: Meet Rosie, Dr. Anderson’s Patient

Meet Rosie, Dr. Anderson’s patient

One of a parent’s biggest fears is getting the news that a child’s medical test shows something wrong.

Rosie started having trouble walking, and when new shoes didn’t help, scans of her foot and other areas were ordered. They were clear, but when the neurologist ordered an MRI of her head “just to be sure”, the image showed a mass.

Rosie’s parents were committed to finding the best care anywhere, and their search brought them to Columbia and Dr. Richard C.E. Anderson.

“From the minute we started speaking with Dr. Anderson,” Rosie’s mom says, “We knew we were exactly where we needed to be.”

The idea of surgery frightened Rosie. “The first thing I said to my mom was, ‘Am I going to have to have surgery?’” Rosie says. “Just the thought of that was scary.”

Dr. Anderson assured Rosie’s parents before surgery that he would do everything possible to help their daughter.

To hear the rest of Rosie’s story and to find out why she believes Dr. Anderson deserves his own fan club, watch the video.

Learn more about Dr. Richard C.E. Anderson here.

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