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Grateful Patient Pens Note to Nurse Practitioner Maryellen Horan for Compassionate Care

Nurse Practitioner Maryellen Horan

The nurses who take care of Columbia’s neurosurgery patients deserve a shout out from time to time. They play an indispensable role in the preparation and recovery from surgery. They comfort and help inform patients and they are often the face that the patient sees the most. Technical skill is a must, but compassion and a good bedside manner can make all the difference to a vulnerable patient.

Nurse Practitioner Maryellen Horan is nurse to both Dr. Michael B. Sisti and Dr. Christopher J. Winfree’s patients.  A recent thank you letter she received from a patient is a testament to her skill on all fronts.

Nick writes:

Dear Maryellen,

I am writing to thank you for all the assistance you’ve given me in my recovery. You have played a huge role by answering all my questions.

Thank you for being so caring and empathetic. Thank you for the open line of communication, and thank you again for all your help and support, I really appreciate it.

My first six months of recovery have just come to an end. I have undoubtedly made progress from where I was the first few weeks.

I look forward to my check up and will see you then.

My very best,


Neurosurgical treatments address serious conditions that can alter a patient’s life. Our skilled nurses provide crucial assistance to the neurosurgeons who are treating these conditions, but they also serve as a patient’s life line during the challenging times before and after treatment. They are truly an indispensable part of our healthcare system.

Thank you to Nurse Practitioner Maryellen Horan for her service to Columbia University Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital patients.

Learn more about Nurse Practitioner Maryellen Horan on her bio page here.

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