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Columbia Neurosurgeons More than Just Faculty at CNS 2012

For the last week you have been hearing about the important role many of our neurosurgeons play at the the Annual Meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS). They lecture, moderate, sit on panels and overall share their knowledge and the important work they are doing here at Columbia.

What we haven’t told you is the other, and equally important, role they play conferring with their colleagues, soaking up new information and fine tuning their understanding of other scopes of practice.

The world of neurosurgery is changing rapidly and neurosurgeons from all over the world are making new discoveries and refining techniques every day.

Our neurosurgeons value the important work of their colleagues as you can see in these photos by the example of Dr. E. Sander Connolly from the Cerebrovascular Center as he actively participates in the Q & A portion of a Luncheon Seminar. During this same luncheon, Dr. Connolly also lectured on Innovations in the Management of Intracerebral Hemorrhage.

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