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Our Heart Walk Team is Growing!

The American Heart Association’s 2011 Start! Wall Street Run & Heart Walk is less than two months away and the Columbia Neurosurgery Team is growing.

We now have twenty seven official team members.  They are; John Collins, Dorothea & David Altschul, Eileen Ivers, Ruth Jaen-Figueroa, Judith Thames-Potter, Hillary Bradley, Virginia Cox, Heidi Emrani, Maria Farrow, Beth Foote, Lashana Lewis, Greta Perovic, Jennifer Maerz, Zobeida Altagracia, Luisa Casanova, Ann Connor, Ada Correa, Joe Guggemos, Ariel Hoffman, Sean Lavine, Vivian Salazar, Ruben Viloria, Yvette Rolon, Janet Rosado, Itena Dhrami-Kotmilo and Jacqueline Soler.

Also in training are Dr. Michael G. Kaiser from the Spine Center, who will be running with his daughter, and his secretary Vivian Salazar will be walking.

Our donations are up too. We now have $2,255.00.

Come Join our Team and help out a great cause.  If your feet can’t do the walking then open your wallet and visit the Donation Page of Columbia Neurosurgery to support our team.

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