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Dr. Otten Invited to Speak at Stamford Hospital’s Grand Rounds

Otten at Grand RoundsDr. Marc Otten kicked off 2015 in a grand manner, by speaking at Stamford Hospital‘s Grand Rounds.

Grand Rounds are educational presentations for both practicing doctors and medical students. Often, they are designed to keep doctors up-to-date with advances in medicine.

Dr. Otten’s lecture was titled “The Central Nervous System: A Neurosurgical Overview of its Anatomy, Emergencies and Malignancies.”

His audience was made up of Stamford Hospital doctors, mostly from specialties other than neurosurgery. Dr. Otten designed his presentation to give the attendees a useful overview of the most important concepts in neurosurgery. The topics he covered included, techniques, research, and recent advances.

Otten and Robin
Dr. Otten shakes hands with Dr. Noel Robin, chairman of the Department of Medicine at Stamford Hospital

Dr. Otten specializes in the treatment of brain tumors, spinal tumorsacoustic neuromasChiari malformationtrigeminal neuralgia, and hemifacial spasm. He also treats degenerative spine diseaseintervertebral disc diseasehydrocephalus, and neuro-trauma.

He sees patients at Lawrence Hospital Center in Bronxville, NY and Stamford Hospital in Stamford, CT, as well as New York Presbyterian /Columbia University.

Learn more about Dr. Otten on his bio page here

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