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It’s A Girl: Nurse Lindsay Welcomes Emily Ann

NurseLindsaysBabyIn June, we brought you news that nurse Lindsay Belfiore was expecting, and we had a fun little baby shower at our Ridgewood, New Jersey office.

Lindsay’s bosses, neurosurgeons Dr. W. Christopher Fox and Dr. William S. Cobb are delighted to announce that their nurse has had her baby–a girl named Emily Ann.

Emily was born July 14, 2014 at 9:59 am. She weighed seven pounds four ounces and measured twenty inches long.

“To me becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience ever,” says new mom Lindsay. “Words can not describe the emotional roller coaster of happiness, joy and worry it brings to your life, but I think I will always be a better person for experiencing it.”

Congratulations to Lindsay and her family.

Learn more about Lindsay’s bosses: Dr. William Christopher Fox on his bio page here, and Dr. William S. Cobb on his bio page here.

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