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Meet Neurosurgeon Dr. Sameer Sheth on Video

We’d like to invite you to watch a new video about Dr. Sameer A. Sheth.

When it’s time to choose a doctor, it can be fairly easy to look at websites and brochures to find out facts and statistics.  But it can be hard to tell if that doctor is going to be the right one for you with just facts. You want a doctor with the best expertise and resources, but also one you feel you can talk to, who will listen to your concerns.

That’s why we have our doctors introduce themselves in a video. This way you can listen to Dr. Sheth talk about his passion for his work and get a feel for what kind of person he is beyond his (fantastic) facts on paper.

Dr. Sheth specializes in brain tumors and functional disorders of the brain. A functional disorder is when some part of the brain is not working as it should, causing problems such as seizures, Parkinson disease, other movement disorders or even psychiatric disorders.

In order to understand how to fix part of the brain that is not functioning correctly, you have to have an excellent understanding of how the brain is supposed to work. Dr. Sheth continually does research to learn more about how the brain works and to find new treatments for disorders that are hard to treat.

In the end, it all comes down to the patient. “It’s really amazing to be able to interact with a patient and connect in such a deep way,” he says. “To have that trust put in you, and then be able to see the patient through a particular treatment or procedure… and see improvement; this is by far the best part of my life.”

Watch the video to hear more about Dr. Sheth in his own words.

Learn more about Dr. Sheth at his bio page here.

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