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New Name for a NYP Spine Hospital

Dr. Paul McCormick, Director of the Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute, knows that patients benefit when world-class doctors are available at more than one location. That’s why he has led his Spine Hospital’s collaboration with the Spine Hospital at the Allen Pavilion, a fellow NYP hospital.

Now, a generous gift from donors Daniel and Jane Och means the program at the Allen Pavilion will grow and expand. In honor of the gift, that facility will be renamed the Daniel and Jane Och Spine Hospital at NewYork-Presbyterian.

Our experts in neurosurgery and orthopedics will be able to treat more patients at the newly named Och Spine Hospital. Dr. Peter Angevine and Dr. Christopher Mandigo, for example, have already been treating patients at the lovely and state-of-the-art existing facility. As the Och Spine Hospital begins to use its new funds, these doctors will continue to bring their expertise in complex spinal deformity and neurosurgery. As the facility grows and the program expands, more of our neurosurgeons will follow. Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Kaiser, neurosurgeon Dr. Alfred Ogden, and pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Anderson will eventually offer services at that location as well.

The Neurological Institute’s spine expertise will soon reach even more patients. And that’s good news by any name.

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