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New Interns Attend Neurosurgery Boot Camp

Our two new interns Hani Malone, MD and Bob McGovern, MD attended a two day neurosurgery training course called Neurosurgery Boot Camp.

The program is put on by the Society for Neurological Surgeons and the goal is to prepare new residents as quickly as possible for the basic procedures and emergencies they will face on the neurosurgical service so they can hit the ground running early in their first year.

The 1st year of neurosurgery residency (called the intern year) was previously controlled by general surgery and only consisted of 1 month of neurosurgical training. Last year the system was revised and the residents now begin their “intern” year in the neurosurgery department spending 6 months on neurosurgery, 3 months in ICU neurology, and 3 months with general surgery rotations that now include the ER, the surgical ICU, and a general surgery operative rotation.

Dr. Jeffrey Bruce, from the Brain Tumor Center helped our department make this change as part of a National movement by the American Board of Neurological Surgeons. Dr. Bruce said, “This new program has helped to make our interns better prepared to handle the difficulties of managing a busy neurosurgery service.”

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