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“Going Behind the Mask” for Neurosurgery Awareness Month


Neurosurgery Awareness Month: Dr.Anderson in Surgery
Dr. Richard Anderson: Surgical mask on

Each August is Neurosurgery Awareness Month. The Awareness Months are put on by the AANS, and past events have focused on concussion, back pain, or traumatic brain injury.

This year, there’s a new take on Neurosurgery Awareness Month. For 2015, the idea is to “go behind the mask” and meet neurosurgeons themselves.

Not just a pair of gloved hands, not just a series of diplomas: the AANS hopes to present a more complete picture of the men and women who have committed themselves to neurosurgery.

So, in the spirit of 2015’s Neurosurgery Awareness Month, today let’s put aside the research, teaching, awards, and publications. Let’s just get to know our neurosurgeons a little better.

Dr.Anderson-Patient 211 x 300
Dr. Richard Anderson: Surgical mask off

First, take a look at our “Making of a Neurosurgeon” series. In these stories, our doctors explain the paths that led them to their specialties (and sub-specialties) in neurosurgery. These stories are sometimes surprising, sometimes touching—and they are as different as the doctors themselves.

Of course, patients and their loved ones offer unique perspectives on our doctors as well. Patients and families meet their neurosurgeons during what can be difficult and vulnerable times. They rely not just on the doctors’ expertise in the operating room, but also on their care and humanity before and after surgery. Read some patient stories and watch their videos below:

Or maybe you’re in the mood for the lighter side? We’ve got you covered. Read about

Softball Solomon Bruce
Department Chair Dr. Robert Solomon and Dr. Jeffrey Bruce enjoying neuro charity softball

Finally, click on each doctor’s name to go to his or her bio page. On the bio pages, you will learn more about the doctors’ education, interests, and accomplishments. But you can also “lift the mask”—learn why the doctors have committed their lives to neurosurgery, and why they love what they do. All this and more is in the “Meet the Doctor” video at the bottom of each doctor’s bio page in the “Our Doctors” section of our website.

Happy watching!

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