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Neurosurgeons Play Denan Golf Tourney Again

(from left to right) John Collins, Dr. Anderson, & Dr. Lavine.

Summer is just around the corner and a trio from our department got to take advantage of the good weather by playing in the 2012 Golf Tournament for Denan.

Dr. Sean Lavine from the Endovascular Center and Dr. Richard Anderson from the Pediatric Neurosurgery Center, who both participated in the event last year, were joined by John Collins* this year.

The annual tournament was held last week at the Apple Ridge Country Club in Mahwah, New Jersey and earned much needed funds for The Denan Project.

The Denan Project is a nonprofit, grassroots organization whose volunteer members secure the necessary resources to provide free medical care, potable water, agricultural training, education, and other critical services for the people of Denan, Ethiopia and the surrounding villages, and to other impoverished communities in the developing world. Working with regional government and nongovernmental agencies, its ultimate goal is to make specific communities in these areas self-reliant by developing and implementing long-term, sustainable


* John Collins oversees finance and operations here at the Department of Neurosurgery.

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