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Dr. Philip Meyers Wraps up SNIS Presidency

Dr. Meyers at SNIS
Left: Dr. Meyers delivers Presidents Address at SNIS Annual Meeting at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Right: Dr. Meyers receives presidential service award from Dr. Peter Rasmussen from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Dr. Philip Meyers, Clinical Co-Director of Neuroendovascular Services, just wrapped up a year as president of the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS).

His presidential duties kept Dr. Meyers busy at this year’s Annual Meeting of the SNIS. Dr. Meyers moderated lectures, awarded grants, and delivered the yearly President’s Address. But he took time for some fun too. Along with Dr. Charles Prestigiacomo (who himself completed his neurosurgical training in Columbia’s Department of Neurosurgery), Dr. Meyers won the Quiz Bowl of NeuroInterventional Trivia.

Dr. Meyers has previously held the posts of SNIS treasurer and vice president. But he says he was “honored” to serve as the Society’s president.

Dr. Meyers and Dr. Prestigiacomo winning the Quiz Bowl of NeuroInterventional trivia at SNIS Annual Meeting.

“SNIS is the neurointerventional field’s leading resource for professional training,” says Dr. Meyers. “And at this year’s meeting, the educational experience remained unparalleled. The meeting was exceptionally well-attended.” They actually set an attendance record this year.

SNIS is a multi-disciplinary society of neurosurgeons, radiologists and neurologists. The doctors in SNIS are linked by their interest in the blood vessels of the brain. Using these vessels, they can provide minimally-invasive treatment of stroke, aneurysms, AVMs, and other problems of the head and neck.

Dr. Meyers and Dr. Lee Jensen from University of Virginia present Dr. Daniel Cook from UCSF with research award.

In the twenty-two years since its founding, SNIS has had nineteen presidents. Dr. Meyers now takes his place in the august SNIS Gallery of Presidents, who have “greatly impacted the Society’s educational programs…prominence of the annual meeting…and emergence of SNIS into the international arena.”

Great work, Dr. Meyers.

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Dr. Meyers presents Luminary Lecturer Dr. Randall Higashida from UCSF with award at SNIS Annual Meeting.

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