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Meet Guy, Dr. McKhann and Dr. Ford’s Patient

Meet Guy, Dr. McKhann and Dr. Ford’s Parkinson Patient who Received Deep Brain Stimulation

For a lover of antique cars, having a 1949 Cadillac to work on and show off is a dream come true!

“We’ve taken [the Cadillac] to car shows all over the Hudson Valley, and it’s an award winner!” Guy says, proudly. “People go by and they take your picture, honk their horns—it’s a joy in life that I couldn’t partake in before.”

He couldn’t partake in this joy because he was suffering from Parkinson disease. Guy was diagnosed in 2003, and for a while he was able to manage the disease well with medication. Eventually his body built up a tolerance to the drug. Guy’s symptoms returned and became too severe for him to take part in the tasks he used to enjoy, or even to get around in ways that most of us think of as routine.

“I was in a chair, I was on the couch, and that was about it,” he says. “I never got out, I never did anything except lay there with the TV on … clearly not the way I intended to live out my life.”

His neurologist suggested that he see Dr. Blair Ford, who, together with neurosurgeon Dr. Guy McKhann, treats Parkinson patients using a technique called deep brain stimulation.

Watch the video to find out about Guy’s experience with deep brain stimulation, and why he calls it a miracle.

Learn more about Guy’s neurosurgeon who shares his name, Dr. Guy McKhann, at his bio page here.

Learn more about neurologist Dr. Blair Ford at his bio page here.

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