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Dr. Guy McKhann Helps Best Dressed Man in Westchester

Dr. Guy McKhann with Michael Pagliaro, Westchester's Best Dressed Man

Anyone would be just a little intimidated to get a photo with Michael Pagliaro, a man voted Best Dressed in the community of Westchester by the Westchester Wag. Mr. Pagliaro, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier to stand beside the Columbia neurosurgeon who gave him his life back, Dr. Guy McKhann.

Dr. McKhann treated Mr. Pagliaro for a condition called hydrocephalus. Sometimes referred to as water on the brainhydrocephalus can cause difficulty walking, urinary problems, and cognitive impairment.

Today, Mr. Pagliaro, a retired White Plains Hospital VP, feels so good that he’s taking on the young athletes at his local gym in weekly spin classes, he works out regularly, and he practically lives on the golf course. Most important, though, is that he’s able to play with his beloved dog again.

Learn more about Mr. Pagliaro’s neurosurgeon Dr. Guy McKhann on his bio page here.

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