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Lavine Among Renowned Faculty at Resident’s Course

Dr. Sean Lavine 2nd row center

Dr. Sean Lavine from the Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Centers was an invited faculty member at a recent “hands-on” Endovascular Practicum for Residents at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.

The course was held the day before and in the same venue as the joint AANS and CNS Cerebrovascular Section 2011 Annual Meeting at which Dr. Lavine also spoke (see, Lavine Speaks at Joint Section Meeting in Los Angeles).

The course featured prominent leaders in the field of endovascular neurosurgery and residents from dozens of neurosurgery programs around the country were asked to participate.

Dr. Lavine is pictured above (second row center) among the course faculty.

Dr. Lavine said, “It was very rewarding to introduce the amazing field of endovascular neurosurgery to residents who are early in their training path. This was the first introduction of our specialty to many of the participants.”

The course started with didactic lectures. Dr. Lavine’s was entitled,  Aneurysm Therapy: Where did we come from and Where are we now?

Then, the faculty served as proctors in a hands-on laboratory session using models and computer simulators of the cerebrovascular system and its diseases (such as clots causing stroke).

The lab’s focus was on teaching embolization techniques for the treatment of cerebral aneurysm and arteriovenous malformations (AVM).

Residents were also able to physically perform angiography, coil aneurysms, place brain stents, and remove blood clots from models of the brain vasculature under the guidance of the invited faculty.

Dr. Lavine said, “The hands on experience gives them a unique insight into the emerging technology available to neuroendovascular therapists, and a true appreciation of the strengths and limitations of the field. The faculty hope that we have inspired some of the residents to pursue Endovascular Neurosurgery which represents one of the most exciting fields in medicine.”

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