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Last 3 months in 2017: Highlights at Columbia Neurosurgery

Time to find your quiet spot and get cozy. We have the most memorable stories from this past season at Columbia University Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Here are some of the highlights we shared:

Dr. McKhann Shares Newest Surgical Techniques for Treatment of Epilepsy

Medication is usually the first line of treatment for seizures, but sometimes it’s not enough. The seizures keep happening. Sometimes surgery is the best solution, and that’s where a neurosurgeon like Dr. Guy McKhann comes in. Director of Epilepsy and Movement Disorder Surgery, Dr. McKhann knows the newest surgical techniques for diagnosing and treating epilepsy. He shared his knowledge using both traditional publishing and social media:

He authored a research paper in which he described the latest surgical advances for epilepsy treatment. To continue reading…

He did a Facebook live event during which he and his colleague discussed new surgical treatments for epilepsy. A recording of the event is now available. To continue reading…

Amidst the Opioid Crisis, Dr. Winfree Shares His Expertise

Opioid drugs have gained much attention recently because of issues of addiction. As a result, new laws have emerged to regulate how and when opioids may be prescribed for pain. An expert in pain management and pain disorders, Dr. Christopher Winfree shared his expertise on several occasions the last few months of the year:

He did a webinar for the American Association of Neurological Surgeons during which he reviewed the new laws and the best practices for prescribing opioids safely and effectively. To continue reading…

He raised awareness about chronic pain and the latest surgical treatments in a blog post. To continue reading…

He wrote a blog post about a new surgical treatment for chronic pain called dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulation. To continue reading…

He penned a journal article in which he explained the role of a neurosurgeon in treating chronic pain and when to bring in a pain specialist. To continue reading…

Milestone 5,000th Patient for Columbia’s Gamma Knife Center

Talk about a reason to celebrate: The Gamma Knife Center treated its 5,000th patient! The Gamma Knife Center houses a radiation device called Gamma Knife—which, despite its name, is not a knife. The machine focuses beams of gamma radiation at a target in the brain and can treat an array of conditions, such as brain tumors, epilepsy and cerebral arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). The device at The Gamma Knife Center is the highly sophisticated Leksell Gamma Knife ICON system, which allows patients a comfortable mask option instead of the frame. The 5,000th patient, Delia, was being treated for a brain tumor with the frameless ICON system under Dr. Michael Sisti’s care.

To continue reading…

Models and More: 3-D Printing in Neurosurgery

3-D printing has several uses across many disciplines, and neurosurgery is one of them. In neurosurgery, 3-D printing can be used to make a model of a patient’s brain. These models can then be used by neurosurgeons to help patients visualize their condition. Acutely aware of the value of this evolving technology, Dr. E. Sander Connolly was senior author of a research paper laying out the applications of 3-D printing in neurosurgery.

To continue reading…

Dr. Otten and Dr. Sisti’s Patient ‘In Great Hands’

“It was extremely scary,” recalls patient Jodie Leitner. A young mother and wife, Jodie had just learned she had a mass in her brain. Her concerns subsided though when she met Dr. Michael Sisti. “The way he was able to put me at ease was just unbelievable,” she says. He diagnosed the mass as a meningioma and explained her treatment options. Jodie decided she wanted to have surgery to remove the tumor, so Dr. Sisti referred her to Columbia neurosurgeon Dr. Marc Otten, who specializes in the just what she needed: endoscopic endonasal surgery.

To continue reading…

Learn more about these Columbia neurosurgeons at their bio pages below.

Dr. E. Sander Connolly
Dr. Guy McKhann
Dr. Marc Otten
Dr. Michael Sisti
Dr. Christopher Winfree

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