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Inspiration and Support from The Meghan Rose Bradley Foundation Annual Gala

Megan Rose Bradley Research Foundation
Meghan Bradley

Dr. Richard Anderson always knew he wanted to take care of children. He just likes them, and they like him.

As a pediatric neurosurgeon at Columbia University Medical Center/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian, Dr. Anderson has a huge impact on the lives of children and their families.

“It’s just incredibly rewarding,” he says. But he would like to be able to do even more. That’s why Dr. Anderson conducts research into new treatment options in his Pediatric Brain Tumor Lab.

For this research, Dr. Anderson and his colleagues rely, in part, on gifts from those who share their commitment to advancing scientific understanding of pediatric brain tumors.

The Meghan Rose Bradley Foundation is one such group, named in memory of Meghan Bradley, an honors student, competitive athlete and dedicated community member who passed away in 2004 from brain cancer. She was just 16. (Read more of her story here.)

The Foundation is dedicated to raising funds and awareness in the fight against pediatric brain tumors. They recently held their annual gala, where they presented Dr. Richard Anderson with a gift of $40,000 to support his research efforts.

“The funding rate from the Federal government continues to be extremely low,” says Dr. Anderson. “We are incredibly grateful for the continued support of the Meghan Rose Bradley Foundation, as it has made our research possible.”

Donations from organizations such as the Meghan Rose Bradley Foundation are able to speed up the advances promised by research. Dr. Anderson and his colleagues in the Department of Neurosurgery are extremely grateful for the support of the Meghan Rose Bradley Foundation.

Read more about Dr. Anderson at his bio page here.
Read more about our relationship with the Meghan Rose Bradley Foundation here.

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