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Inside View of an Aneurysm coiling by Dr. Dorothea Altschul

Aneurysm coiling by Dr. Dorothea Altschul from Columbia Neurosurgery on Vimeo.

A brain aneurysm (also called an intracranial aneurysm or cerebral aneurysm) is a bulging, weakened area in the wall of an artery in the brain that results in an abnormal widening or ballooning out of the blood vessel.

Dr. Dorothea Altschul, an interventional neurologist, at Neurosurgeons of New Jersey and Columbia University medical Center, specializes in the treatment of this disease. She says, “Most brain aneurysms can be treated with coils via a small tube that gets inserted through the groin all the way into the brain and into the aneurysm. There, small platinum coils are deposited under direct visualization using high-tech X-ray machines. Often multiple coils are used to successfully and completely occlude an aneurysm. That type of closure diverts blood flow away from the aneurysm, and therefore prevents it from rupture.”

Watch the fascinating video above of a single coil deployment performed by Dr. Altschul.

Learn more about Dr. Dorothea Altschul by visiting her bio page here.

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