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History of Department, Editor’s Choice in Neurosurgery Journal

Editors of the journal Neurosurgery have chosen to feature the Department of Neurosurgery in their Legacy series.  The article, The Centennial of the Neurological Institute of New York and Its Department of Neurological Surgery, 1909-2009: A Commemorative Pictorial Essay was written by Donald O. Quest, MD and is featured in this month’s issue.

Dr. Quest gives an insightful review of the institution over the last hundred years, illuminating the generations of Department Chairmen including the current, Dr. Robert A. Solomon.  The article gives a good historical perspective and reinforces how large a role this institution has played in the development and progress of the field of neurosurgery as a whole.

This article can be found in the journal Neurosurgery: March 2010 – Volume 66 – Issue 3 – p 590–592

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