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Goodman Featured in Asbury Park Press

(APP Staff photo by Tanya Breen)

Dr. Robert Goodman from the Center for Movement Disorders is featured in the story, A life resumed: Surgery rids woman of longtime tremors, published this month in the Asbury Park Press.

The story is about Laurie Lowenstein, who for twenty years suffered from a progressively worsening essential tremor. She was finally able to get relief when Dr. Goodman implanted a Deep Brain Stimulator.

In the article, Lowenstein rejoices in the success of the treatment.  She says,”I made a mental list of what I was doing this morning: I could brush my teeth with one hand, put on mascara, cut melon,” she said. “And the most dramatic thing, the most pleasure I get, is being able to write again. It used to be torture to do that. Now it’s a pleasure, to actually be able to write a letter.”

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